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6 things to know about living in Thailand

13 February 2021 0

To come and live in Thailand is to go from dream to reality. Thailand is a beautiful country where it is really good to live. However, if you want to come and live in Thailand, it is important to be well prepared to avoid problems too. Indeed, many people come to Thailand thinking that it…

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Marry a Thai woman

12 January 2021 0

Marry a Thai woman : In this article I will tell you how I got married to a Thai woman. How did I meet my Thai wife? I met my wife in Bangkok in 2013. We have been married since 2016. To answer to the clichés of the Farang (foreign men) who would be stripped…

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Thaifriendly free dating site but …

12 April 2017 0

Thaifriendly review : It is working for men or not ?  This is the biggest meeting site on the market which has positive aspects but also negative compared to more cozy sites such as ThaidateVIP. It is certainly not comparable, but the fact that this site is brewing a lot of people compared to its…

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What you need to know about Thai girls ?

30 January 2017 1

There is Thai Women more than  Thai men around 870,000 in Thailand .And more likely than men every year So it’s common to have many Thai girls are single. why they can not find boyfriend? if you look at statistical reasons  The problem is not because of  them!  if you have been in Thailand before…

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