Marry a Thai woman

Marry a Thai woman

12 January 2021 0 By ThaidateVIP

How did I meet my Thai wife?

Marry a Thai woman : In this article I will tell you how I got married to a Thai woman.

I met my wife in Bangkok in 2013. We have been married since 2016.
To answer to the clichés of the Farang (foreign men) who would be stripped by Thai women after their marriage:
Our relationship is still good and she hasn’t stripped me of my money 🙂

My Thai wife today, works and earns her own money. We share the expenses 50/50 like European couples.

How to meet a quality Thai woman?

We met on an online dating website in 2013, after getting to know each other well through skype. Then I came to Bangkok.
Before Siriya became my wife, I used to travel back and forth between France and Thailand to get to know her better and take holidays in this beautiful country that is Thailand.

What are the solutions to get married to a Thai woman?

You can get married on Thai soil. But it’s more complicated than on French soil. Becasue, you have to go to the embassy, the delays are long, so we gave up the idea.

And my future wife used to go back and forth to France too when she had holidays as a nurse.

In March 2016 she came for a longer period (3 months).
We went to the town hall of the village in France and we asked for the papers to be sent in view of our marriage. There was nothing difficult and then the bride had to go back to Thailand to apply for the 1 year marriage visa.

When my wife came back in September 2016 to settle with me, she had to go through an integration programme for foreigners in France including French language and civic education courses.

After marriage a Thai woman is entitled to a 2-year renewable residence permit and then a 10-year residence permit with aptitude tests and also a police investigation to find out if you are not having a sham marriage.

As an anecdote, we were married three times (twice in Thailand) with her friends and family and then the official marriage in France with mine.