Asian women

Asian women

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All about Asian woman

What should we retain from Asian women ?

The beauty of Asian women

Asian women are really cute, and it’s one of the main reason we often hear about them. And they know it well. They love to take care of them and show it without complexes. “Beauty is a reflection of their wisdom” as a Chinese proverb says.

The secret of this fragile beauty is due to the diversity of Asian’s origins, every Asian woman looks different depending on where she was born in Asia. Over the millennia so many peoples have lived in Asia, where they left their marks, including the Americans during the Vietnam war or the French during the Indochina war.

Asia is the continent with the largest number of languages in the world with 2165 different dialects. All this beautiful mixture has been formed over the millennia and here is what results, a beautiful mix of America, India and Asia with physiological characteristics such as bulging cheekbones, round face and slanting or almond eyes with the finest quality of hair in the world. These women often look like porcelain dolls.

Type of women in China and East Asia

Asian women often have a tiny waist and are usually smaller than other women, but small is cute! And that often makes men want to protect them.
Although Western women often criticize Asian women for their lack of taste, regarding their clothes, they are keeping their habits to wear simple clothes. Their influences for bright colours such as red, pink and fuschia represent their traditional heritage which makes it so incomprehensible for Westerners who remember the legendary Geisha with their silk kimonos and traditional belts in the back. Silk is very present in their wardrobes and the Western men do not complain about it, it’s a sensual fabric of an extreme softness which they claim as sacred. The weather conditions in most parts of Asia require less clothing with a tropical warmth that accompanies a light wardrobe.

The strength of character of the women from the Asian continent

Women from Asian countries are psychologically strong even tough they all seem fragile, but they are very resistant to pain and are able to work for long hours of under the heat of the sun.

They owe this strength to their great patience and their gift of forgiving the people who offended them. They remain smiling despite everything, for them when you smile to someone, you get a smile in return. Buddhism is rooted in their culture, they also have a more personal way of relativising compared to Western women.

However, and perhaps this is their best quality, they are not afraid to show their vulnerability to a man while keeping their calm and wisdom.
On a daily basis, these two principles perfectly coexist in Asian women: a great strength in many points, as well as a touching vulnerability in certain situations. It is a kind of game, brilliantly mastered, between servitude and respect.
Asian women never deprive themselves of their femininity. On the contrary, they grow it.

Women’s education in Asia

In addition to strength and wisdom, the Asian woman is very assiduous and highly educated. For example, who didn’t have an Asian classmate who was first in class, at least once.

In Asian countries, education is at the service of tradition, uniforms are often required in schoolyards and discipline is strict.
Three out of four women work in the fields, there are only a few women getting places at university places, women are disadvantaged compared to men, a consequence for families who usually prefer the birth of a boy.

In 2017, a study ranked Asia for having one of the best schools in youth education. The only weak point of Asians is to learn a language, they are not very good at languages because they have traveled less than other peoples in their history.

The temper of an Asian woman

The women of Asia are very kind and they are recognized to be very helpful, they are never in confrontation and do not oppose the authority.
In contrast to the so-called “male” qualities such as competitiveness, calculation, ambition and the desire for profit that oppose the so-called “feminine” sociable values, helpful, kind and having a maternal instinct. This is perhaps the perfect harmony of Asian women who attract Western men so much.
There are also some differences of character between Chinese women and Thai women. It is said that Thai women are more explosive while Chinese women seem more calm and soft.