Farang / Thai couples : Is it really immoral ?

Farang / Thai couples : Is it really immoral ?

19 September 2023 0 By ThaidateVIP

Farang/Thai couples: Is it really immoral ? 

In a world where borders seem increasingly blurred, where cultures meet and intermingle, it’s surprising to find that certain associations are still perceived as “taboo”. Such is the case of unions between Westerners and Thai people, a subject which, despite its growing frequency, still seems to arouse reticence, particularly in the world of influencers and on facebook in particular. 

The Origin of Taboo

It’s legitimate to wonder about the roots of this persistent taboo surrounding Western/Thai unions. Several hypotheses can be put forward on this subject:


  • Rooted stereotypes: It’s possible that long-standing cultural stereotypes play a role in this negative perception, fuelling misconceptions about the motivations behind these unions.

For example, the idea that these unions are primarily motivated by financial or material interests, rather than genuine affinities, is a widespread notion, often highlighted in films or TV series.


  • Media influence: The media often have a significant influence on the formation of public opinion. Negative or stereotyped portrayals of these couples in the media can reinforce the taboo.

For example, programs featuring Western/Thai couples in conflictual or dramatic situations can reinforce the taboo and create a negative image of these unions.


  • Fear of the Unknown: As with many issues, fear of the unknown can be a factor. Individuals may be reluctant to accept unions that fall outside what they consider the “norm”.

Sensational reports highlighting extreme cultural differences, or anecdotes of misunderstandings due to cultural differences, can fuel a general reluctance to accept these unions as healthy and balanced.


  • Social and family pressures: In some cultures, there are significant social and family pressures to marry someone from one’s own community or country, which can create resistance to intercultural unions.

Testimonials from families expressing their dissatisfaction or concern about these unions can create an atmosphere of reticence and judgment around intercultural couples.


Collaboration Denied: A Symptom of a Larger Problem

Recently, our ThaiDateVIP platform proposed partnerships to several influencers. To our great surprise, several of them declined the offer (despite being more tempting than those of most of our competitors), including the famous YouTuber Sabri Thaï, Olivier from Vivre en Thaïlande and Sam Thaï Pattaya. The latter commented that the subject seemed “a little disturbing”, highlighting a reticence that still seems to be present in our society.


But that’s not all: our attempt to break down barriers has also encountered obstacles in the mainstream media. We recently planned an event to celebrate and promote cross-cultural unions, but unfortunately several Thai media outlets refused to cover the event because they felt the subject was too sensitive. This refusal raises important questions about the perception of these unions in Thai society, and highlights a wider problem of reticence and stigmatization.


Censorship on Social Networks: An Impediment to Dialogue

Regrettably, the subject of Western/Thai unions is also subject to censorship on Facebook, an issue highlighted in a recent article we published on rencontre-internationale.com. We ourselves are victims of this unjustified censorship, and are unable to advertise on Facebook. This censorship, evident on major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and sometimes even Google, not only hinders free expression but also feeds an unfair stigma around international encounters.


At ThaiDateVIP, we advocate a review of content moderation policies to encourage a more inclusive and open dialogue on intercultural unions. We firmly believe that love knows no borders, and we oppose any form of censorship that restricts the ability to share and celebrate cross-cultural love stories.


Not So Rare Unions

Yet it’s worth noting that many Westerners who choose to settle in Thailand end up finding love with Thai partners. This trend is not limited; several of the influencers who turned down our offers are themselves in relationships with Thai partners. So there seems to be some contradiction between the public perception of these unions and the reality.


A Thorny Subject in Our Time

While online dating has become commonplace, it’s surprising how delicate the subject of Western/Thai unions remains for some. At ThaiDateVIP, we firmly believe that love has no borders, and we’re committed to creating a space where people can meet and forge genuine bonds across cultural barriers.


Conclusion: Towards Wider Acceptance

It’s time to break stereotypes and embrace the diversity of loving unions. Western/Thai couples are not a rarity, and it’s important to recognize and celebrate these unions rather than stigmatize them. At ThaiDateVIP, we hope to play a part in facilitating these encounters, encouraging a more open and inclusive vision of love.


And what do you think? We look forward to hearing from you.