What you need to know about Thai girls ?

What you need to know about Thai girls ?

30 January 2017 2 By ThaidateVIP

There is Thai Women more than  Thai men around 870,000 in Thailand .And more likely than men every year So it’s common to have many Thai girls are single. why they can not find boyfriend? if you look at statistical reasons  The problem is not because of  them!  if you have been in Thailand before that you can see many Thai girls are pretty and friendly right?

The character of  Thai girls

Normally, most foreigners know the quirks of Thailand as well that Thailand is “Land of smiles” Of course

The same Thai girls like that too,They are smiley,cheerful ,friendly because Thai culture, the parents always taught their daughter was well taken care homes,to be a good girl,helping and take care of parents  and for the future she  will be come a good wife of some man.

Expression and emotion

Forget the individuality of the girls in your country! Thai girls are different from  Europe or Western girls as you know. in generally Thai girls,they are shy, sensitive. when something is not satisfied for her that she keep quiet. she won’t speaks out to you. You must observe by yourself! They are follower than a leader and if she is your girlfriend. They like to hear you say” I love you or I miss you”  So it’s no surprise if you always listen “Do you love me? ” Although you have show her by action that how much you love her. But it is not enough!


Even though Thai girls style are shy,sweet but do not insult them about sex. do not forget they live in hot county so you can guess that their sex also hot! It is just because Thai girls do not show it to the public. because the Thai culture taught women have  to be neat. but when  you got to know her in deep relationship. you will attracted in her and  you will know how them “sexy,naughty,bitchy” !

Interesting in Thai girls?

There is nothing difficult if you are foreigner who interested in Thai girls for get a relationship for a short term or long term  How to find Thai girls in Thailand. And do not forget from the statistics,the women in Thailand are more than men!  You should be sure there are single beautiful Thai girls enough for you. especially, if you’re looking for a pretty and good wife in the future.


Until now Makes sure that you know and understand  more about Thai girls. let’s booking some flights to Thailand for discover them and enjoy your nightlife in Bangkok by yourself soon. but is it will be better to connect with them online before arrive to Thailand? To have a beautiful, private guided who stay with you anywhere during living in Thailand. I think you need this Thai Dating website.